Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I've said this before...

... and I'll probably say it again.

Please don't sign a contract until you've read it carefully and are sure you fully understand and agree with the terms.

Asking for clarification of anything which isn't clear is not being difficult, it's just being sensible.

If you don't understand you can't agree, so you shouldn't sign to say you do. If you don't understand there's a big risk you'll accidentally break the contract terms.

Another thing I've mentioned before is the survey on the top right of the page. Please do 'vote' for one of the options if you haven't already taken part. It's anonymous and there's no need to sign in anywhere.


  1. I find it's always best to print out a copy of the contract too, just in case there are in problems in the future!

  2. I never like asking an editor to explain things as they all seem so busy.

  3. I couldn't agree more with what Patsy's saying!
    When I started writing stories for women's magazines the contracts were pretty straightforward. But over the years - and particularly with the advent of the internet - contracts have become a bit of a minefield.
    I ALWAYS take the time to contact the Fiction Editor - and I've ALWAYS found the Fiction Editors take the time to reply. In language I can understand, too!
    I can only back up what Patsy says - don't sign if you don't understand. It's really not worth the subsequent sleepless nights...

  4. Good advice and useful additional advice from Janice Sadler. Thank you, both.

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