Monday, 28 November 2016

Last day

Today is your last chance to vote in my survey which is over there --->

The choices are:

I write womag fiction and have had some published.
I write and submit womag fiction, but haven't had anything published - yet.
I'd like to write and submit womag fiction.

Please click on the answer which is most appropriate, and then on the 'vote' button. The survey is anonymous and you don't need to be a blog follower to take part.

I'm hoping the results will be hair raising! (Or maybe mildly interesting.) They'll be posted tomorrow.

Please feel free to add more info in the comments.

(Thanks to Justin Merrigan (our best man) for the photo, which was taken onboard a ferry coming back from our trip to Ireland last Christmas.)


  1. Great photo. What great ideas for stories we could all write! I'll watch the magazine pages in keen anticipation.

  2. I hope your stomach wasn't as unsettled as your hair!


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