Monday, 5 December 2016

A little chat

The delightful womagwriter Wendy Clarke has interviewed me about my latest writing project.

Don't forget that I sometimes host guest blogs or conduct interviews here. If you have womag related information, advice or good news you'd like to share or wish to start a relevant discussion, then please contact me.

I'd also  like to hear from people interested in providing a prompt or story inspiration idea.

Maybe you have a question about something to do with the womag market. If so you can ask it here. (You can also find the answer to a lot of writing questions here).


Anne Rainbow said...

My favourite cake!

parlance said...

Patsy, I'm reading and enjoying your new book, and I'm wondering about the title of the story on Alfie Dog that you wrote in second person, as I'd like to buy it.

I'm thrilled to say I used your Mind Map activity and came up with a whole new story line. Given that I usually just tinker at the edges with old stories, I want to thank you for getting me out of the rut I was in.

Keith Havers said...

Just found out that You (South Africa) magazine are not accepting submissions until the New Year.

Patsy said...

@ Anne – It's Gary's favourite too, so I 'have' to make and help eat it fairly often.

@ Parlance (Catherine!) it's this one -

@ Keith. Thanks for the update.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Off to have a read of the interview!

Mark Ette said...

How does this guest post and interviews work out to add crowd to the site.