Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas is coming!

I keep a list of every story I write each year*. It doesn't show the date, but the list is in order. The last one which appears in the current Take a Break Fiction Feast as Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho was the last one I wrote in 2015, which means I started it between Christmas and the new year – and then had a long wait until I could submit it. If it had been rejected I'd have had an even longer wait before I could try again.

*I also have a spreadsheet for submissions, but this is a separate handwritten list in an old notebook.

Do you write Christmas stories, or does the limited opportunities to sell them put you off?

If you do write them, do you do it to the sound of carols and scent of mince pies, or in the summer when you can submit it as soon as it's finished?

Btw, if you, or anyone buying for you, haven't finished Christmas shopping, then here's something which can be delivered to your door and is easy to wrap.


  1. I love this story you've written! Research is great when you can cuddle up in the warm with a favourite me some good ideas too :) I wrote a story about spring back earlier in the year and have only recently submitted. Haven't tried my hand at Christmas stories....yet!

  2. I was wondering about this very thing recently, when to submit seasonal stories. Winter etc , not judt xmas?

  3. It's usually recommended to submit about six months in advance, Liz, although Woman's Weekly and People's Friend have traditionally taken them at any time of year (which helps because, if they're rejected, you can try them elsewhere). I much prefer to write Christmas stories in winter and that quiet period around Christmas/New Year does seem ideal. Last year a walk along a village street in the Yorkshire Wolds late on a winter's afternoon gave me an idea for one which I've been lucky enough to sell, but that's only the third Christmas story I've had published in seven years!

  4. this year was the first I tried my hand at Christmas stories and I sent a few out with no success... Not sure if that's because I did leave it a bit late or if they just weren't the right fit but I'm already looking forward to getting them out again next year!

  5. @ Carrie You have plenty of time to write something for next Christmas.

    @ Liz and Kitty - yes, six months ahead is a good rule of thumb. It's generally better to be a bit early than too late.

  6. I usually sell three or four Christmas stories each year and write them all in the summer in my garden!

  7. This year was the first that I tried to write and sell some festive stories but it all came to no avail - I've a feeling I left it a bit late and was subbing in the middle of September.. I'll definitely start earlier next year.


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