Thursday 5 July 2018

Pocket novel guidelines

Pocket novels might not pay well, but friends who write them tell me they're fun to do and the editors of both publications are helpful and supportive.

You'd also get to see a book with your (writing) name on the cover in major retailers throughout the country.

As all rights are not taken on these, authors can claim ALCS with no special permission required! (I believe that generally amounts to more than the initial fee).

Several pocket novelists also later either self publish their pocket novels, and/or sell the large print rights. As well as the sales income, this also gives the potential to earn plr.

I'm not saying this justifies the initial low fee, but it's something to consider before dismissing the idea of writing a pocket novel as not worthwhile.

Although My Weekly currently only accept short stories from writers who're already known to them, anyone may submit a pocket novel.

If you have one of these accepted, they'll then know you and you'll be able to send short stories too, if you wish.


Tracey Walsh said...

This subject often ignites a heated debate ;-)
My 3rd PN (first for The Friend) will be our in September & I’m firmly in the “fun to write & lots of support from editors” camp.

Sophie Livingston said...

Thanks Patsy - information on alternative markets is really welcome.

Patsy said...

@ Tracey – Congratulations! It does seem that those people who write one very often write more, so they must think something about the experience is worthwhile.

@ Sophie – it's good to have options, even if we decide they're not for us.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for this Patsy - something to consider!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy,

I didn't know that ALCS could be so lucrative for Pocket Novels - thanks for the info.

I've just sold my first PN (it's the one on the left in the My Weekly guidelines) to the large print people. As you can imagine, I'm really pleased about that!

I'm almost 100% sure the length for the People's Friend PNs is 37000 words and not the 42000 they give in the guidelines.

Kate F

carrie said...

Thanks for the info Patsy, really helpful.

Niddy said...

I sold my first Pocket Novel last year and have just submitted my 2nd. My aim is at MW at the moment but have an idea for TPF. I find the challenge fun and the extra words help develop both characters and story.