Monday, 23 July 2018

Submission's process

As several people have said they found it useful, I'll be posting details about my experience of submitting to each of the magazines and adding that as a new label and as a category in the 'quick links' so it's easy to find.

I've already done this for In The Moment and The Weekly News and to some extent with The People's Friend. I'll be adding to these and updating them as things change.

I won't be doing them for any magazines which take all rights, currently that's Yours, Your Cat and Woman's Weekly, as I won't personally submit under those terms and don't recommend anyone else to either. (I'm hoping there will be something to report re WW soon, but don't have any definite information yet.)

Of course it's absolutely your choice where you submit and which terms you accept, but please ALWAYS read contracts carefully and be very sure you understand what the terms mean and that you're willing to accept them BEFORE signing.

I've included a cooling picture of a beach, as I think that's likely to be useful for a lot of you at the moment, and I do try to be useful!


  1. Very helpful thanks

  2. Thanks, Patsy. I'm with you regarding 'All Rights' contracts, I won't be signing them either. Well done for your stand on this and all the very useful info and advice. Now what I'd like, is to stand on that lovely empty beach, too! Good wishes. Kate.

  3. Thanks for sharing Patsy

  4. Thanks Patsy,very useful.

    I would happily linger on a beach like that...

  5. Ooh that beach looks gorgeous! Thanks Patsy - and thanks for the useful advice too. All knowledge is helpful and very useful.


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