Thursday, 2 June 2016

Allas - new contracts

I've just recieved a contract from Allas magazine (Sweden). First some good news -

It's in English!
You can sign electronically - no need to print and scan.
Work sold to them CAN later be used in your own books.

Lots of the conditions are standard and totally reasonable - that the submitter actually wrote the piece and that they may edit it, for example. They are asking for more than just single use rights though. Also, although it's mainly very clear, there are a couple of points I'm unsure about. I've queried these.

As with any contract, PLEASE read it and be sure you understand and agree with all of it BEFORE signing.


Janice Sadler said...

Hi Patsy,

Yes, I've received a contract too. What I'd like to know is whether I can sell them a story which has already been published in the UK or another country.

Shane Telford said...

Congratulations Patsy (and Janice!). I've sent a few stories to them recently (and even named checked Benny and Bjorn to appeal to their Swedishness) so fingers crossed!

Kate Blackadder said...

Did I read somewhere, Patsy, that they wouldn't take stories from anyone who wasn't registered for VAT?

Geraldine Ryan said...

Kate I thought I'd read that too but then think I may have dreamt it.

Patsy said...

The VAT thing is Hjemmet - a different nordic magazine. Seems mad to me as I can't imagine many freelance writers are VAT registered, but I've queried it and they insist that is the case.

Shane Telford said...

I'm still battling with their character instead of word count. You suggested in another post that you sold a story to them around 1000 words long... but a similarly lengthed story of mine was still about 2000 characters short haha!

Kate Blackadder said...

Thanks, Geraldine and Patsy. And can I echo Janice's question and ask if they take previously published stories?