Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Magazines online

I know several of my blog readers live outside the UK and therefore find it difficult to get hold of many of the womags. Probably there are others who find the usual magazine format inconvenient (we'd soon collect a huge pile of waste paper if we attempted to read them all). Have you considered reading them electronically?

Some magazines offer a digital subscription. Woman's Weekly do so do all the DC Thomson publications.

Readly is a service offering hundreds of magazines, which seems convenient for those who read several different magazines. It costs £7.99 so probably not worth it if you only intend (or have time) to read a few, but a short subscription might be useful for research purposes. They offer a two week free trial.

Do you read any magazines electronically? Would you consider doing so in the future? Or is paper always your preferred choice?


  1. Would definitely consider subscribing/reading online, though I do like my paper mags - since the days when I received Jackie through the letterbox every week I've always looked forward to finding half an hour to enjoy a good magazine, a cuppa and a bit of peace. Is it a generation thing? I just wonder if paper magazines will even exist in 15 years time. Nowadays I nearly always buy e-books rather than paperbacks. I've bought and downloaded some great story collections by regular magazine writers recently.


  2. Hmm, not sure about reading magazines online. I too love the paper version. Having said that I do read books on Kindle and I do have lots of past editions of magazines cluttering up the house as I like to re-read older versions for inspiration. Might be worth a try but after a long day staring at a screen, like Mimi says, its nice to sit down with a good old-fashioned mag.

  3. Thanks for this information, Patsy. I'll check it out.

  4. As a short-term research tool, I'd read online. But I love to read curled up in a chair, or in the bath, well away from my PC.


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