Monday, 20 June 2016

Anonymous comments

I'm happy for people to leave anonymous comments on this blog.

Some people don't have Google or other accounts so find that easier. Sometimes (as with my last post) people wish to say something potentially controversial or critical of a magazine's policy, or express opinions contrary to my own. That's all fine.

Does make replying and further discussion difficult though! No good saying 'I agree with anonymous' when there are four of them with differing views. If you leave anonymous comments, for whatever reason, can I ask that you sign off with some kind of 'identifier'? A1, A2, XYZ etc Pretty much anything which hasn't already been used in that particular discussion.

As you'd expect, I'll delete any posts which are spam, or offensive. I won't delete relevant posts simply because I disagree. Neither will I delete posts if people forget to add this identifier, it'll just make things easier if you remember.


Anne Rainbow said...

Well said, Patsy. Keep up the good work!

suzy doodling said...

Now you've made me want to read the last post.

Shane Telford said...

It's pretty easy to add your name even without a Google account and it definitely helps with the flow of conversation!