Friday, 10 February 2017

Is your man a softee?

As I mentioned a few days ago, many magazines offer the chance to submit 'fillers' and there are
plenty of reasons to write them.

One such opportunity is in That's Life! (the UK version). They want amusing stories about your man, which could earn him the title of 'soft lad of the week'. Poor Gary has been featured a few times, but in my defence I did share the £50 fee with him. (It's £50 for the best and £25 for the rest).

I'll leave him out of it this time and use myself as an example of a soft lass. This photo could be sent with something along the lines of, "Patsy was told it would be windy on the deck of the ship, so I don't know why she looks so surprised."

You can include up to four photos, but one is generally enough. With all fillers, if photos are accepted then it's always a good idea to send one. That not only increases the chance of your piece being used, but may earn you a higher fee.

If you know of any opportunities to write fillers (even for non womag publications) and would like to write a guest post about one of them, please contact me.

I'm down in Devon this weekend - do come in and say hello if you're in the area.


ados123 said...

Thanks, Patsy! Now to find a ridiculous photo that I haven't deleted...

Eunice Mussage said...

Thank you for this filer info, Patsy.

Anonymous said...

No, but my woman is.

Guernsey Girl said...

My Dad, a journalist in whose footsteps I followed, taught me to write fillers years ago. Thanks for reminding me how much fun they can be!!