Saturday 25 February 2017

Top tips

Take a Break magazine use 'brainwave' tips as fillers and pay £50 for those with a photo and £25 without.

Some are more useful than others. As an example, "To stop cakes going stale, eat the whole thing in one go."

Or there's one in the current issue advising people to smear peanut butter on their campervan.

Hmmm, odd people these campervanners, especially if they also happen to be red headed writers.

If you know of any opportunities to write fillers and would like to write a guest post about one of them, please contact me.


Sally Zigmond said...

Ahem. We have a camper van (sorry, motor-home) and eat peanut butter but to smear it, I assume, to bung up any leaks in the walls, roof or pipes, well I suggest the writer needs to buy a new van or get it serviced. What a waste of nourishing food! Or did it appear on April 1st!

Patsy said...

I refer to ours as a campervan, Sally. To me motorhome sounds like one of those HUUUUUGE American jobs, but I know some people prefer that term for anything bigger than an old VW with a pop up roof.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for this, Patsy. I know someone who used to pay for her weekend writing conferences just from the number of fillers and letters she got published!

Eunice Nascimento said...

Thank you for the tip Patsy.