Friday, 14 October 2016

Allas update

Thanks to Simon Whaley for letting me know that the editor of Allas magazine has confirmed they WILL consider stories which have been previously published outside of Sweden. He's also the man we have to thank for providing an English translation of the guidelines.

Hmmm, wonder was his music collection looks like?

There's no need to translate the story as they accept submissions in English. For UK writers Allas pay £100 direct into your bank account.

Submissions should be sent to lotta.gustavsson (at)


  1. My music collection? Yep - just like that in the picture: filed alphabetically ;-)

    1. Now why does that not surprise me ;0)

  2. Thank you for this, Patsy & Simon.

  3. Patsy, am I being dense? I can't find the address to submit to Allas. Thanks for all the other info, though. Very useful. Sadly I'll have to look for another market for my blood gluttony story.

  4. @ Jacqui – It's on there now. I'd done it before but apparently not saved the post. Will leave it to you to decide which of us is the dense one ...

    Oddly I was just looking at a hallowe'en competition. I'll be posting it on my other blog soon, so if you really do have any blood gluttony pieces, you could try that.

    @ Simon - I knew it!

    @ Julie - you're welcome.

  5. I must admit submitted to Allas always daunts me. I've sent a few stories their way in the past with no success but it always feels like a bit of a guessing game with the character instead of word count! I also worry that I write 'too English' for translation if that makes sense?

    I'll keep on trying though!


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