Thursday 20 October 2016

More on blogs etc

Thanks to everyone who responded to my query about blogs and websites. I've decided to set up a new page for this – eventually, when I get round to it ...

If you know of any blogs or websites you feel might be useful to other womagwriters, please put the link and brief description in a comment. It's fine to suggest your own blog.

I'll post up the list here and it will include the first dozen which are mentioned in comments to this post. As I come across more (and get the time) I'll update it – which could involve deletions as well as additions.

This photo isn't of a blog ... it's a log!

Update. The page is now live. It will be updated with suggestions posted as replies to this post and possibly with other useful ites and blogs I come across.


Captain Black said...

This is probably horribly out-of-date, but these Writing Resource Links might be useful. Not specifically womag, but for writing in general.

Apologies for the minute typeface, I obviously haven't worked on my website for some time.

rainbowmaker said...

Love your sense of humour!

Great is you can recommend my ScrivenerVirgin site - and it leads to RedPen - which is all about editing.

Lots of free resources: editing tips via RedPen newsletters, Simply Scrivener Special webinars (60 mins of Q&A with me). And my EDITING The RedPen Way is free to download on the 6th of each month.

Enjoy your log (ooh, could it be a chocolate log?).

L said...

I find the following helpful
Submishmash newsletter
My Little Corner
Angie’s Desk

Patsy said...


Page has been updated.