Thursday 13 October 2016

Jacqueline Zacharias

If anyone knows of a Jacqueline Zacharias who has submitted stories to Dreamcatcher magazine, can they ask her to contact the editor, John Gilham. 

On a related note, when submitting work anywhere, other than competitions requiring anonymous entry, do make sure your full contact details are on the covering letter or title page, so that if the editor has good news to give you, they'll be able to get in touch. You might like to consider putting your email address in the header or footer too, in case one sheet gets detached.

If an editor can't easily contact you, they might well give up and try someone else.


Fay Knowles said...

Gosh, I do hope Jacqueline is found, as she must be waiting anxiously to see if her story has been accepted!

Angela Barton said...

Great idea to put my email address in the header or footer. Thanks Patsy.