Saturday, 29 October 2016


There's a poll over there --->

Sorry, with my usual technological brilliance, I've made it tricky to read. The choices are:

I write womag fiction and have had some published.
I write and submit womag fiction, but haven't had anything published - yet.
I'd like to write and submit womag fiction.

If you could click on the answer which best suits you, and then on the 'vote' button, I'd be very grateful. The survey is anonymous and you don't need to be a blog follower to take part.

I'm asking because I'm very nosey. If I was a bird, I'd probably look like this.

Please feel free to add more info in the comments.


  1. I wonder how many womag writers there are all together? It must be hundreds.

  2. Will be interesting to hear the results. :)

  3. Back in 2010 Amanda Brittany did a post on her blog listing womag writers.
    I daresay there were some not listed and many new ones since then, but there were more than 200 on the list

    So, yes - there are a lot of us out there!

  4. I voted 'other' because I have had 1 story accepted after sending off over 50 stories in two years, then i went back to writing novels. Am now wanting to have another go at short stories.

  5. All done - look forward to seeing the results!

  6. loads of fun, and if I`ve failed to be a famous womag fiction writer (yet), it`s not for want of Your efforts! Love the bird too

  7. Thanks for the clicks, everyone!

    @ Bernadette I'd forgotten about that list. Yes, I expect there are at least as many now.

  8. I've had one published, but I ticked 'some'

  9. I voted 'other' because I am an ex-womag writer!

    I have had many published but it's been years since I wrote or submitted any stories, having moved on to novel writing instead.


  10. The first question is about having had 'some' published. I chose that one but actually I've only had one published in a print magazine.

  11. @ Samantha, Kath and Parlance - that's absolutely fine. It's not a very scientific study, I just thought it would be interesting to get an idea how many of us there are out there.

  12. I've had something published (quite a lot actually), but not fiction (although my husband argues that some of my non-fiction contains untruths!). So I cliked on the one that says I submit fiction, but haven't had anything published. Presuming 'anything' means fiction.

  13. I put other because I write non fiction books and am a freelance journalist! But I have had some short stories published in the past, and poetry if that counts!


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